Small Soccer Schools in Canada

A number of boarding schools and high schools in Canada offer soccer programs to students who are eager to pursue a sports career. The focus is on physical fitness, tactical play, technical abilities, skills, diving and movement techniques, and a lot more. Students are offered the chance to excel in soccer through league matches (, training camps, tournaments, and training and practice.

School Programs in Canada and What They Offer


Academies and schools across Canada offer programs to help young athletes master key skills and improve perseverance and sportsmanship. The goal is to build strength, enhance muscle tone, and work on technical skills such as ball control, faint and dribble, trapping the ball, heading, shooting, and passing. Young athletes also master key skills and techniques such as finishing, crosses and runs, passing play, and principles of attack. They are also taught goalkeeping techniques such as diving techniques, catching the ball, and movement techniques. Students also master goalkeeping play and skills such as dealing with crosses, contending one on ones, shot stopping, positioning, and others. Training is offered for attackers, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers. Ultimately, the goal is to improve agility, speed, coordination, and balance and play with different age groups.

Workshops, Testing, and Summer Camps

Students master different sets of skills with the help of reaction testing, resistance bands, stationary bikes, physio, and more. Many soccer programs also feature agility and shooting power testing, speed testing, nutrition workshops and sessions, conditioning and strength training, yoga, and a lot more. Some soccer schools also feature summer camps and training by top Canadian and European coaches as well as festivals, showcase feature games, etc. Pre-academy development groups are also available for children aged 5 to 8. They are taught age-appropriate skills through group team play. There are schools and courses for high school and middle school players as well with a focus on drills, exercise, and training methods and techniques.

Sports science events are also offered by different soccer schools. Sports scientists offer workshop sessions with a focus on tactical, technical, and physical skills. Young players learn more about injury prevention, sports nutrition, arousal control and relaxation techniques, player development, team culture and team building, and more. Students learn about muscular relaxation, relaxation imagery, breathing control, and other relaxation techniques that help relieve stress and anxiety. Different workshops and sessions are offered for younger and older students and competitive teams. Player-driven sessions are also available. Some workshops build upon previous workshops and sessions to improve performance. Finally, there are sessions for parents and coaches as well.

There are schools that offer day camps, girls camps, and goalkeeper camps. Goalkeeper camps, for example, combine physical training, tactical appreciation, and technical skills training. Courses focus on essential skills such as distribution, footwork, handling, teamwork, and a lot more. Other schools offer in-season, winter, summer, and holiday camps as well as recreational camps. The latter help keep students engaged during the summer by offering a safe environment to master key skills. Camps are educational and fun at the same time. Students learn basic skills through group activities, training, small-sided games, and exercise. The emphasis is on academic excellence, proper nutrition, fitness, agility and speed training, and a lot more. Games and activities are designed to master different levels of skills and ability. Students learn more about tactical and technical areas of soccer through full-day exercise and training. They are asked to bring a ball, flat-soled shoes, shin guards, and soccer cleats or shoes.